Saturday, 14 August 2010

exit interview

exit interview... first encounter in my LIFE
the VP of finance saw me at HQ ( she's the first one  whom interview me way back @ Limau )
she asked me how's thing... guess what've l replied? BAD!
and the story goes on and on and on... she told me my boss was pleased with my performance and praises me in front of her! well, wtf... whatever and anything now...
oh... she took a copy of my movie makers... hehehe...
btw she also ask me why so many cook resigned as she help to train so many of them? hahaha...

then came HR... ask me why l resigned?
told her... insane right? barely 2 months before l grad.
hmm... well, somewhere in April already wanna go liao!
stupid JC de smart asshole! bosses with whatever u name it!

ask me how the centre... told the truth but the truth...
for children sake!
l misses my babies... so sad  : (

alas, told both of them l am seriously very keen to join the setup department... hehehe

went to CH @ changi business park... really nice environment but need to walk all the way in from the Expo station to centre... maybe like 10-15 mins?
wondering got any kind soul can give me a lift...
my working hours will be 8:30 to 1:30 for the month of August
told my boss many folder games and assignment need to be done...
September then l will go FULL TIME...
anyway, not sure l will work for long or not... hahahha

my course mate intro. me to another preschool...

must finish my Lesson Plan by today... date due coming Monday...
heng ah... my field practicum still same supervisor LOL
she is bee's mentor... yet to see her but guess l like her... six senses LOL


好感动哦。。。 谢谢大家哦!

好感动哦。。。 谢谢大家哦!

Friday, 6 August 2010


count down 7 days to go...
gonna miss all my little babies alot...
l see lotsa of *changes* in my little babies... very upset!
till now din see any * new * teacher for my babies
what the hell are they doing?
saw one indian nationality ( in SG for 18 years )
 helping out in both classes PG1 & PG2

back to the Nursery... l was told to do the literacy with children
whereby that woman JC she will be doing the main lesson...
well... she only do lesson with the Nursery on Thursday
when l'm on 10:30 shift
that's what l saw...
wtf is she doing? call yourself an educator...
totally speechless

l am very pleased with the Nursery progress...
they listen, line up properly, taking nap,
good eating etiquette, noise level is low,                                     
they don't raise their voice and talk to friends
( monkey sees monkey dos )

Nursery is being spilt in 2 class... A & B
l'm with the Nursery A class...
they are very smart and                                             
l just hope that the teacher input * things *
 for the sake of the children
its very sad to see a number of them
 not able to *  write *                                                                   
 its already August; in 4 months time
will be promoted to Kindergarten 1                                            
 are they able to cope?

the auntie can even tell the different...

Teacher played a very important role...
guess what somewhere in July 2010
one of the boss's auntie came and
help out in the kitcken this is what l've overheard...
BABY 吃饭很干净没有掉地上,
rather sad that my previous batch of student... ... ...

the classroom environment not cosy at all...
 seriously need to do something...
even that woman JC told me this bay ( #01-04 )
 so noisy, teachers not 合作!
well... you are the Principal...
not all LEADER can lead!

Mrs W another funny character...
she kept all the toys due to HMFD and                                        
  now she trying to point finger at ME...
whatever... ( HQ came on 3 August 2010 )                                                                      
many a time the other Teachers told me Ling * be careful * 
she's a backstabbers hypocrites bootlickers!!!
l simply ignore as she was nice to me then!
well, guess its not important anymore...


case closed...

May there always be sunshine!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

plus and minus???

‎... idiotic act! Preschool Educator... my fellow country man...
why such lousy being exist?

Saturday, 31 July 2010

loe's daddy

by nee's mummy

das's mummy 2009

Friday, 23 July 2010

passion for early childhood education is intoxicating...

passion for early childhood education is intoxicating...
no one out there will kill my passion! parent's via sms- l trust your integrity and your professionalism it will not affect my impression about you. hmm... this is very encouraging...
alas, was given sick leave by NSC 20 July- 23 july 2010 rather suprise!
well, * they * might be thinking l did it on purpose LOL! nothing to do with me any issue go NSC!

no idea what the hell l am typing at all! goning insane!

letter of commendation perk me up! .... go go go!!!
passion is burning strong and huge in my heart!

我不会恨 对不起我的人。。。

Saturday, 17 July 2010

I do magic!

“When one door closes another door opens, but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.”- Alexander Graham Bell - NOT ME PLEASE! as l will enter the next door and l do MAGIC! not just 1 door but 2 doors 3 doors dozens of them! CHEERS!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

我好无奈哦!!!school sucks now!

dragging myself to work everyday...
never felt like that before!
but being a professional l know what l should be doing...
but l really don't understand why she's like that...
not happy with her LIFE?
each time when l or rather we greet her...
she shows us the FxxKING face without expression!
come on l don't ... take salary from you and even l do
you have no right to be like that!
call yourself a Preschool Educator? give me a break!
because parents are your client so you * try * to be nice huh?
l reckon that she's suffering from mental disorder!

she can't even do a proper
sign in/ out and children temp. taking form
come on its been months what the hell is she doing?
还跟我讲在BANK做了6 years 拜托叻!。。。
l ended up doing her job!
TNND 帮了她但感觉她还想找我麻烦哦!!!
asked me a stupid question...
Teacher Ling why all the LABOUR DAY on it...
hahaha... she siao or what?
wanna ask question also must doing some thinking rite?
... MRS CXXA... ... ... ... ... ...  ( lazy to type 她讲的P话)
then she knows she asked a damn FXXKING stupid question
勉强的挤出这话。。。oh... now the forms are BETTER。。。
笑死我了!!! TNND 什么呀!!! 郁闷哦!!!
我也温文尔雅的回了她。。。 oh... definitely... hahaha
she just walk away! wtf!

难怪会让家长在 FORUM 议论!!!
更好笑的是有个老师跟她讲。。。 她还好意思上FORUM看!!!

我回答。。。不了。。。发EMAIL我没空 也没意思哦,

她要有空就做do a proper sign in/ out and children temp. taking form!!!

对了!MOVIE  MAKER 我也不会做了!!!

我靠!TNND 不能看见家长表扬我么?
每当有家长写EMAIL 或口头上表扬我的时候 她就郁闷了!
那天我又被表扬了。。。 她就讲。。。
Teacher Ling your XXXX parents you very good... ... ...
well, l've just replied  thank you and
know what she replied me...
when l free l print for you...
我回答她。。。 ok! thank you
till now she did nothing!

l was sharing with my coursemates why she's like that?
am wondering...
the only issue l don't like about her...
she's rude! the way she talks and also very 小人哦!
TNND 太假了!!
l'm still able to keep cool!

l love my job!
l put my heart and my soul in it!
l just go my part as a teacher and
help the other teacher if they need my help!

saw it in poon's assignment...

A leader comes in all shape and sizes.
l believe that everyone is a leader in their own way.
A leader needs people and the people need a leader...!

well, 1st and 2nd sentences l can't agreed more
but the last sentence... not here!

a centre can functions without a LEADER
but a centre can't functions without TEACHERS
and if the LEADER ain't able to lead and being shallow...
centre will be in bad shape!
centre will also LOSS a GOOD TEACHER!

btw... this is my blog...
l have every right to blog what l want!

Friday, 21 May 2010

portfolio assignment... 60%

“The big secret in life is that there is no big secret.
Whatever your goal, you can get there if you're willing to work.”
- Oprah Winfrey

To me, life is always changing. A friend of mine shared a quote: “The only constant thing in life is change.” So true! But, in order to truly change, old habits have to be replaced with new, healthy habits. Easier said then done but when there is a will, there is a way. Goal setting will help to achieve and concentrate on the change needed and to reach my goal more efficiently.

Shown on the timeline, I have broken up my goals into mini-goals. By doing so, I feel that my goals are more achievable and to track my progress more efficiently. I have been teaching for the past 20 years and now, I am looking forward to move towards a leadership role. I do not believe in being stagnant in my job. I crave for progress and satisfaction.

Once completing my Diploma in Early Childhood, I would like to make a change; from a teaching job scope to the setup department in XXXXXXXX. Just to share some details on what is done in a setup department; whenever there is a new center, there will be a team of members to help the franchisor to setup the childcare. For example: physical setup, administrative setup etc. I am planning to gain about a year experience in the setup department before getting myself posted out overseas. By allowing and planning an overseas opportunity for myself, I hope to learn new cultures and experiences for myself.

In the 2 years overseas, I plan to lead a team eventually. Managing people will be my new challenge in my job and career. Being a highly self-motivated person, I hope to use this critical management skill to motivate a group of people toward a common goal.

If everything goes as plan, after 2 years overseas, I would like to take up a Degree in Early Childhood, either back in Singapore or an overseas college. I believe that goal planning is only the first step to success. The rest of the journey is through perseverance and a positive attitude.

 ... thanks poon poon for helping... 
little ones big ones... love you lot lot okie!
... will not be expecting an A for this assignment
 as l started doing it 2 days before due date...
... alas got a C l must be thankful...

郁闷!!! 郁闷!!! 郁闷!!!

在学校看见了人性的丑陋, 虚伪,奸诈。。。
what is professionalism? l don't see that at all...
really sadden me alot...
从事幼教多年 this is the very first time l see such people...
the word is incorrigible!!!
respect is something you gain...
understand incorrigible moron!!!
school can do without a principal but not teachers...
嗯啦!!! 就是这样的!!!